Hello and welcome to the Gift of Spirit Radio Program. I am Stacey Lynn, your host, and I am so happy to be with all of you to talk about The Gift of Spirit! Tune in to the Gift of Spirit Radio the 1st Friday each month and discover feelings of love, healing & forgiveness through Heartfelt Spirit Communication with the Divine and your departed in Heaven. During this episode, we answered the following questions:

  • What is the Gift of Spirit?
  • How do we experience the gift of Spirit?
  • What are Spirit Signs?
  • How do we receive signs from Spirit?
  • What is the meaning behind these signs?
  • We will be hearing from callers who will be sharing their own stories of Spirit Signs.

As a gifted Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Grief Minister, I have experienced the Gift of Spirit for many, many years. It started for me back in 1995 when I lost my best childhood friend in a car accident. We had grown up together since 4 and 8 years old. This was a traumatic loss for me, and my very first experience with grief.

I couldn’t bear it. I asked for help from above. And upon that asking, my sweet childhood friend, Heather starting appearing to me in my dreams under this strong oak tree, giving me messages about her accident. In this experience in my dream state, I saw her, heard her and felt her love for me. She wasn’t gone completely.

She appeared to me off and on in my dream state within the year, and then the following year, I was walking into a grocery store with my boyfriend, now husband. I heard her voice say, “I need you to call my Mom tonight and tell her that I wasn’t alone in the car accident when I passed. A woman was with me. I wasn’t alone. Please call her.”

This startled me, of course, as it happened in my wakeful state. My ear was ringing and I had chills immediately. I felt her sense of urgency, and I did call her Mom that night and told her, “Heather has been coming to me in my dream state for a year and she told me she wasn’t alone when she passed. A woman was there holding her hand.”

Her Mother’s response was, “I didn’t believe them.” I asked, “You didn’t believe who?” She then said, “I didn’t believe the EMTs. They told me a woman pulled over her car and sat with Heather until she passed, and I haven’t been able to go on with my life knowing my daughter was alone when she passed.” After I hung up with her mother, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace in her Mother’s heart, with a sense of knowing she was going to go on with her life now.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I heard from Heather again, after experiencing a guided meditation for the first time. I had an unexpected opening to the Heavenly Spiritual realms, and experienced fluid, Heartfelt Spirit Communication with an unwavering feeling of Oneness, Wholeness and immense unconditional love. This unveiling led me on a personal Spiritual journey of healing and acceptance of my Truth.

So Let’s Talk about the Gift of Spirit.

Through history, going back hundreds and thousands of years, the Gift of Spirit has been called many things:

Being filled with the Holy Spirit, Having Holy experiences, Experiencing Spiritual Gifts, the gift of healing, the gift of miracles, Prophecy. In the Chinese culture, Chi. It has many names in many cultures. In the Native American Culture, Spirit communication was so sacred they were not allowed to speak of it.

In my experiences, to experience Heartfelt Spirit Communication whether in your dream state, in meditation or in the outside world is to first go within to connect to the true nature of you, which is Love. Your own Spirit starts here. When you are connected to Love, the Higher Love behind the veil-Spirit can connect with you.

They are in a Higher place, so we must raise our vibration into Love and Peace to connect to our departed. We are all vessels here, bridges, mediums. We all have access to our departed in Heaven.

How Do We Do Access This Place of Connection? I Am Going to Give You Three Ways to Do This:

  • Take a look at photos of when you were a child, 3-4 years old, and feel the Spirit of you at this age. Ask yourself, “Who was I then? What two qualities most described me at this age?” Feel this and know that child is still within you today…that child of Love.
  • Practice being still, present in the now, mindfulness, meditation. Focus on your breath for just five minutes and drop into your heart and be there. Start with five minutes and gradually move up to 20 minutes a day. You will begin to feel the true nature of you that which is LOVE.
  • What makes your heart sing? Give back to yourself! Include in your life the things that make your heart sing, make you Happy, Joyous, Peaceful. These things allow you to be in a higher vibration here to Feel Love and Be Love. And know this, “Where there is great LOVE there are ALWAYS Miracles.” It’s a Love Connection. Wasn’t that a TV show once?

What Are Spirit Signs?

Spirit signs are signs given to us from our departed loved ones. We are the receivers of these signs.

These are real, tangible physical signs given to us in the physical world from our departed. When these tangible signs show up for us in our present life, present day, it is an experience. It is heart-warming and healing. It’s a way for our departed to stay in loving communication with us. I have many, many stories of Spirit Signs that I, myself, have experienced as well as my clients have experienced.

We are going to hear from callers today who will be sharing their stories of Spirit Signs and what these signs meant to them.

How Do We Receive These Signs?

We ask for signs from our departed loved ones. Remember the story of my childhood friend, Heather. I couldn’t bear it and I asked for help from above.

Once you ask, there’s more. Your state of being is to not attach how or when this sign will show up or what this sign will be. It is to be in a state of allowing it to show up in your life.

Those in Spirit are so clever with these signs, it will blow you away! Let them decide what sign they will bring to you. I have found to be in a state of Wonder, Openness, Lightness, Curiosity, and Inspiration. Have Hope and Trust it will happen. Then you let go…and don’t attach to the outcome. Let it happen in its own way, in its own DIVINE Time.

“It Is in the Wonder That the Miraculous Happens.” Be in Wonder!

This is an experience when you see or hear a sign from Spirit. You will feel it in your physical state. You may feel at this time, chills, tingling, and emotion, then love, peace, beauty, oneness. You may even see a visualization of your departed in your mind or a memory of them flowing in that they will bring to you. It is a heart-warming, healing experience. These signs undoubtedly heal our grieving hearts.

4 Callers Shared Their Heartwarming Stories of Receiving Messages from Loved Ones, after They Had Passed.

Caller Jeannine Felt Reconnected with Her Daughter’s Spirit When Her Family Visited Carlo’s Bakery (Of “Cake Boss” Fame) in Hoboken, New Jersey.

As shared by Jeannine…

Shannon’s my daughter. She was 13 when she passed away. After she did, I was getting little signs. I wasn’t sure if I was trying to read into them because I was missing her so much. I began to ask Shannon for an undeniable physical sign from her so that I just wasn’t thinking that I was making stuff up.

I got this feeling my family needed to do something spontaneous. I looked at a map. In my purple vision I saw in black bold letters the word Hoboken. I was thinking, “Where do I remember Hoboken from?” Here, Carlo’s Bakery, which is the Cake Boss on television, was Shannon’s favorite show.

Actually on her Make A Wish list, she had written him down. She had the thought that we’d do something with him, go and see the bakery or have him make a cake for her. I thought, “Oh, okay we’ll fit that in.” Everything kind of fell into place so easily. We took a taxi that dropped us off right in front of Carlo’s Bakery. As we got out my husband said, “Look!” as he was pointing across the street.

Catty-cornered in Hoboken, New Jersey from Carlo’s Bakery there’s this little Irish pub with this big sign hanging in front of it. In big green letters, as big as you can get, it’s called The Shannon.  They were lime green letters specifically, which was Shannon’s color. We had had her bracelets made up in green and her t-shirts that we had as a group were green.

The first thing that went through me was the feeling of, “There, Mom. How much bigger can you get?” I did indeed get my undeniable physical sign. I couldn’t have gotten it much bigger or clearer than a bright green sign called The Shannon in Hoboken, New Jersey across from Carlo’s Bakery. It couldn’t be more specific.

Caller Sumeet Was Amazed by His Connection with His Grandfather’s Spirit Through “Raining Almonds!”

As shared by Sumeet…

A couple of years back when Stacey and I met briefly, she sensed that my grandfather came through for me. This is a person that I actually never even met because he passed away when he was about 45.

In the process, I had gone on vacation. I came home. I remember I kept a bag of almonds in my pantry. I went to grab some almonds, and they were all gone. I thought, “Okay something is strange.”

I didn’t think anything about it. I went to my basement to work out. I found some almonds underneath some towels. This was actually on a Monday night. I finished working out and went into the other room. Under another small pile of towels, I found some more almonds.

I started to think that maybe someone had broken into my house or was playing a joke on me. I went into my office. I looked, of all places, in some old boxes where I should have no business looking. Every place that I looked in my room, I found almonds. At this point, I said, “I’m just going to call and change my locks. Someone broke into my house or something.”

The next day, on Tuesday night, I came back down to work out. I found an almond in my shoe. I leave my shoes in my basement. That just about put me through the roof.

I called Stacey and said, “I want to ask you a question.” Stacey replied, “You know, I can sense your grandfather is here right next to me…He just wants me to ask you. It’s raining almonds, boy.” Stacey told me he’s laughing and joking. That really put me on the ground. I just didn’t understand how that is possible.

I’m a science person. I believe in science. I look at facts, figures and everything. It was the fact that Stacey just knew about this and that he was saying that it was raining almonds, and everywhere I turned, there were almonds. I was just floored.

Almonds signify health, prosperity and healing. My struggle was with health. I’m diabetic. He passed away at 45 from diabetes. I think the biggest connection and sign was knowing that I was diabetic all my life. I didn’t know it. This was something that he kind of passed and left his family alone. For me, it was a big sign that things were turning for me. It was huge.

Stacey explained…

When experiencing signs from spirit, there are reasons why they’re coming through at this time. The reason was that you were around the same age as your grandfather, being diabetic and him also passing at the age of 45 from diabetes. He’s bringing you these signs of almonds saying, “You’re in good health. It’s raining almonds, boy.”

Caller Heather Sees Beautiful Heart-Shaped Rocks and Leaves Everywhere She Looks.

As shared by Heather…

I was up in Pittsburgh visiting my in-laws. At that time, one of my nieces was in high school. Her high school had a two-day walk-a-thon for cancer research.

The kids walked continually in shifts for 48 hours to raise money for cancer. They have local people and local booths giving away prizes including the Children’s Hospital. I happened to walk by a table where all of these beautiful heart shaped rocks just piled up. Then I noticed a picture of a boy who was bending down in a stream. The woman at the table said, “Well, that’s a picture of my son when he was about four years old. Ever since he was a small child he would go walking. Whenever there was stream, he would bend over and find all of these heart shaped rocks. Years later, he amassed this large collection of heart shaped stones. He ended up getting sick and dying of leukemia when he was in college.”

She went on to tell me that after her son died, she now finds the rocks.

About a year after that, my nephew who was 22 years old died very unexpectedly. As you can imagine, my heart was broken. My whole family’s heart was broken, especially my sister.

I had a beach vacation that was planned with my in-laws for a year. I didn’t want to go to the beach. I was so sad. The last thing that I wanted to do was to go have fun.

I would just walk up and down the beach. The second day I was there, I looked down. I saw this beautiful, perfect heart shaped shell. The rest of the time that I would go walking I would find a lot of them.

Everyone was different. There were so many different colors and all different kinds of shells, rocks and pumice stones. It was amazing. There were probably over 50 that I found. I took out the best 30 or 40 and I made this beautiful pin cushion collage box for my sister to give it to her.

I felt like Nate was telling me that it was okay. He was showing me his love by finding me all of those shells. I thought that, if I could give it to my sister, then I could help heal her heart.

Ever since then I’ve not only found shells but also rocks, leaves and everything. You look up into the sky and see a heart, but you have to be willing to open up your heart to receive these gifts.

Caller Gretchen Feels Like Her Daughter Is in Her Family’s Lives Still and Reminding Us, “I’m Here. I’m Close.”

Stacey had previously done a reading for Gretchen and her family, to comfort them after the loss of her daughter, Sophie, due to a rare pediatric cancer. Sophie and her family’s story is featured on Stacey’s website: www.touching1mhearts.com/praise

As shared by Gretchen…

Shortly after our family had met with Stacey and had our reading, we just started asking Sophie to give us some signs. We were just really open about looking for it and waiting and wondering what might happen.

Then Stacey had connected with me and let me know that she had left Stacey a button while Stacey was gardening and that we should keep looking and perhaps for buttons. We were kind of excited about that.

Several weeks after I had talked with Stacey, we had been renovating our great room. My husband Scott was replacing this really old ceiling fan up in the ceiling. Keep in mind that I’m a decorator, so Sophie had always been around fabrics, sewing and buttons. It meant something to her, too, if we were ever to receive a gift like that.

Scott was up in the ceiling on a ladder taking the old fan down. Really all that was left up there was like a lip that held the old fan in place in the ceiling, so it was really close to the ceiling. He was about to take it down.

When he reached into that lip, there was a button. He was so shocked to find a shiny button. It was the size of a nickel up there close to the ceiling about an inch down. He pulled it out.

We both were just amazed and knew in our hearts that this was a sign from her. It was really our first gift from her. It just meant so much to know that she was working on us and wanting us to know that she was okay.

We shared this with our family about this button and the ceiling fan. Then my nephew, Adam, who was Sophie’s dear best friend was in line to go into the building for school and waiting. This was soon after the first button. He looked over in the mulch by the school. There was a white button.

He thought that was weird, so he picked it up. It actually had writing on it. It said, “Soph is cool.” He was so blown away by that. It was so cool. He brought that over to us.

We still have it in our home. We cherish it because he felt like she just wanted him to know that she’s okay and that she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing now. That was really awesome.

We felt really wonderful in our hearts with confirmation that she was reaching out to us. There’s certain things that happen to us every day really. Of course we would love to have her here, but we feel like she’s in our lives still and reminding us. She’s saying, “I’m here. I’m close.” It makes you able to go on and enjoy life still. It’s important to us.

What Is the Meaning behind These Signs from Spirit?

The meaning is to let you know they are still will you, they are okay, and they have transitioned to Heaven in Spirit. The Love that you had with them has not died. They are still here in a different way loving you and guiding you here. They are just a thought away, so just thinking of them in your heart will bring their love and Spirit to you. Signs from Spirit are a way to stay in loving communication with our departed. A way to wake us up to know our Spirit does not die, we rise up and transition to the Heavens.

It’s a way to wake us up to know that our spirit does not die. We rise up and transition into the heavens. It is no wonder that the miraculous happens. Be in wonder. Ask for these spiritual signs from your loved ones in heaven. Know it’s experiential. You will feel healing in your heart and soul.

I look forward to speaking with you again on spirit signs and the gift of spirit. Until next time, “where there is great love there are always miracles.”


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