The music industry has lost so many greats in recent years. So many amazing and talented artists that were taken too soon. But what if we had another chance? What if we could still connect and learn from those departed? What if those who left us still want to inspire, inform, and connect? Stacey Lynn, a gifted Spiritual Entertainment Medium and Mentor, says you can and that, fortunately, she has been connecting with these music greats for many years.

Stacey primarily channels creativity from world-famous singer-song writer musicians who seek, in Spirit, to help others embrace their gifts and live their higher truth in work and in life. Musicians and entertainers such as Prince, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson have made their presence known to her on an ongoing basis, often without even needing the presence of a family member, which is usually required when connecting with such greats. These singer-songwriter musicians serve as mentors and guides to their “peeps” and gifted visionaries and in doing so often look to Stacey for the connection.

Why such a powerful influence with musicians? Stacey has been around music her entire life with her Dad being an Elvis impersonator and their home in Detroit and Chicago always filled with music. Soon after her Spiritual Awakening, Stacey started connecting with the Spiritual realms, she began to receive signs and messages from departed musicians who had lived in her father’s time as well as her own. Rat Pack greats Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra (“Ol Blue Eyes”) and Dean Martin have come through to Stacey with their healing messages, as have Nat King Cole, Monkees band member Davy Jones, John Lennon and Elvis Presley himself (“The King of Rock and Roll”). Stacey has also connected with actor and singer Danny Thomas, who is loved for founding St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That connection has also been instrumental in her work with recently departed children and their families at St. Jude providing loving and healing messages for the families in their time of need.

Stacey’s love for country music has drawn Johnny Cash, George Jones, John Denver and Patsy Cline to her, to be their bridge for loving and lighthearted words from beyond the veil.

Many contemporary icons have also made their presence and messages known to Stacey in addition to Whitney Houston, Prince, and Michael Jackson. They include: Aretha Franklin, George Michael, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Tom Petty, Natalie Cole, Patrick Swayze, and Jeff Healey.

In being a vessel for these singer-songwriter musicians and entertainers, Stacey helps their loved ones heal their heavy hearts, begin to move through life with more acceptance and grace, and trust that their dearly departed still guide them and are just a loving thought away. Connecting with their families brings peace and comfort not only to the families, but to the singer-songwriter musicians as well. She has deep connections with so many in Spirit who come to her often with Spiritual signs and Heavenly gifts.

“Derrick Hollowell aka VitoArt”


By connecting with departed loved ones, Archangels and Spirit guides, Stacey has been able to help people receive the most timely and meaningful messages. Through the Gift of Spirit, Stacey connects delivering evidenced heartfelt messages and peace and healing often follow.

Often, she finds the singer-songwriter musicians want to not only connect with family but also want to continue to mentor their proteges, other musicians, and people they have closely worked with. They still have that desire they had throughout their lives to impact and inspire from behind the veil and it’s empowering for all to see it happen.

As an International Coaching Federation accredited coach who has helped executives tap into their own greatness by tuning them in to their own Spirit and spiritual gifts, her work is recognized not only in the music world, but with great leaders and visionaries as well.

Stacey started her journey as a spiritual medium and teacher during a live, guided meditation by Dr. Wayne Dyer in 2011 to the song “Amazing Grace.” Stacey was then able to see, feel and hear Spirit, and saw her departed grandmother, grandfather and uncle standing on the stage. She heard them speaking to her, and understood at that moment that our departed loved ones could still love and guide us from the other side.

Since then, Stacey’s gifts have become even stronger and on an ongoing basis she has touched many hearts being able to connect departed loved ones with their family and friends. Stacey offers spiritual readings, soul mentoring sessions, meditation workshops (Gift of Spirit Live Meditation Workshops), live event demonstrations (Gift of Spirit Gala Live Events), an online Gift of Spirit Mentoring Program, and Executive Mastery programs, all focused on guiding her audiences from pain to peace. Acting as a bridge through the power of the Holy Spirit, “another helper” between you and your departed loved ones in Heaven.

Stacey has published these Divine teachings on her Facebook page, Touching 1 Million Hearts and on Twitter @ENTMedium.

Stacey Lynn is a Spiritual Adviser, Mentor and Medium of the Gift of Spirit. Stacey is Spiritually gifted as a vessel and or channel for the Divine Spirit of God that which includes your Divine Arch Angels, Spirit Guides, and your Loved Ones in Heaven. She is especially gifted in being able to connect with legendary singer, song writer musicians and entertainers from behind the Heavenly veil and this site is dedicated to her work with them.

Stacey is available to speak or write on the following topics: What is an Entertainment Medium?, Spirit Entertainment, Spiritual Signs, Gift of Spirit, Meditation, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Readings and Manifesting with Spirit. More information can be found on her website

Stacey would welcome the opportunity to discuss with your audience the true connections she has today with these well-known and beloved singer-songwriter musicians and others and to show firsthand the Spiritual gifts she so graciously is empowered and blessed with.

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